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  • kaolin application in ceramic industry: Kaolin ceramic industry is to high-quality raw materials and advanced technology and equipment for the production of a series of products, high product purity, chemical stability, excellent domestic congeneric species unique physical performance advantages (suspension, insulation, plastic, adhesive, coverage, wide range of firing), to the production of ceramic products color white, compact, high mechanical strength, superior product rate is high. Glaze products, fine texture, white, good cover, the product surface smooth and white as jade, is the ideal raw material for daily, building and sanitary ceramics indispensable.

  • kaolin in rubber industry application: choose high-quality raw materials through washing refined, product size small, low moisture, pH and DPG sorptivity stability, settlement volume is larger than the indexes stipulated by the Ministry of chemical industry. The rubber products of low wear, strength, good performance. The product is the production of various types of rubber products, semi strong auxiliary filling material.

  • kaolin in wire and cable processing applications: Kaolin functional additives are also a large number of applications in the processing of wire and cable, especially for EPDM cable. Sheath material of ordinary wires and low voltage cables (1 2KV) with PVC and PE resin, unless to flame retardant requirements generally do not need filler, sometimes adding calcium carbonate to reduce the cost and improve the dielectric properties. EPDM and XLPE materials are mainly used in high voltage cable (15--33KV). XLPE generally do not need filler. For industrial market, 90% of EPDM cable, requiring high physical and mechanical properties of the cable and need high performance of filler, in order to meet the use requirements.

  • kaolin in agricultural production application: calcined kaolin of 7-25 m wavelength infrared has barrier function, when the addition of modified calcined kaolin, the plastic sheeting in the nighttime temperature increases 2-3 DEG C. The temperature difference between day and night is reduced, which is beneficial to the growth of crops. At the same time, the addition of calcined kaolin, can reduce the direct ray film studio, and the rise of the X-ray scattering and crops by uniform illumination and good for crop photosynthesis. China's agricultural greenhouse effect is relatively poor; the main reason is the low rate of infrared barrier, shielding effect. Due to the barrier ability of kaolin is close to the mica and moderate in price, so in the agricultural greenhouse film do heat preservation agent, which can not only improve the film heat preservation, and can reduce the film cost of raw materials is very promising.

  • kaolin application in coatings industry: calcined kaolin is through special processing of aluminum silicate extender pigment and multifunctional additives, high whiteness, impurity content is low, strong chemical inertness, easy to disperse in water and oil system, used in waterborne coatings, paint, greasy and sealants and other aspects. In architectural coatings, especially in its latex paint, our type calcining aluminum silicate products as functional additives, providing a good covering property, to replace part of the TiO 2 can not only decrease the coating cost, but also can adjust the coating gloss, improve the mechanical properties of the film. And improved storage stability of the coating system, improve the paint coating and improve the coating anti smoking tide and impact resistance and other mechanical properties, improve pigment of anti floating color and blur.

  • kaolin in the ink industry application: ink industry special kaolin, obtained by quality raw materials and advanced technology production equipment, high product purity, stable physical and chemical properties and can replace a part of titanium dioxide, reduce the ink production cost, and improve the ink covering power, tinting strength, improve the ink absorbability, rheological property, the proportion of light, anti deposition, so as to improve the ink quality.

  • kaolin in glue industry application: glue industry with kaolin, selection of quality raw materials and advanced technology equipment refined, products stable in physical and chemical properties, high viscosity, whiteness good, suspension property and excellent fluid, no mildew is ideal, inexpensive, glue filling material, domestic manufacturers have used kaolin powder instead of the expensive and easy to mildew starch.

  • kaolin in the plastics industry application: plastics industry with kaolin engineering plastics, special plastic, cable accessories special change of kaolin, choose high-grade, excellent raw materials, the use of advanced technology and equipment, the calcination and coupling agent modification and. In PA, PP, PC, EVA, PVC, PE, HDPE, EPDM, EPK and other materials used as a functional filler, with toughening, strengthening, plastic, flame retardant effect.

  • kaolin in the petrochemical industry in the application of: in the oil processing, as a catalyst to use. Due to the preparation of the catalyst, the catalyst has high activity, strong anti heavy metal pollution, good catalytic activity and selectivity.

  • kaolin in the paper industry is widely used. There are two main areas, one is the use of fillers in the paper (or copy paper) process, and the other is the use of pigment in the process of surface coating. For the general culture of paper, the amount of filler material accounted for 10-20%. For coated paper and paperboard (including light weight coated paper, coated paper and coated paperboard), in addition to the need to fill, also need to paint, fill, pigments used kaolin accounted for paper 20-35%. Kaolin used in paper making, and can give the paper a good coverage properties and good gloss coated performance; the paper can also increase the whiteness, opacity, smooth degree and printing of adaptive and greatly improve the paper quality.

  • Kaolin is also known for its capabilities to induce and accelerate blood clotting. In April 2008 the US Naval Medical Research Institute announced the successful use of a kaolinite-derived aluminosilicate infusion in traditional gauze, known commercially as QuikClot Combat Gauze, which is still the hemostat of choice for all branches of the US military.

  • This material is developed by the Institute of marine science, Chinese Academy of sciences. With the high quality kaolin as the main raw material, the red tide has a high efficient elimination function by the chemical treatment and surface modification of our company. Avirulent, harmless to cultured organisms and ecological environment for eliminate the emergency to the offshore red tide seawater and freshwater algae, and has been successfully applied to the project management in the 10th National Games, the Olympic Games in Beijing, Shenzhen Universiade and Beidaihe Beach and other red tide. Is the national "red tide disaster treatment technology guide" (GB/T30743-2014) recommended in the use of materials. In 2015, by the National Nuclear Security Agency audit, identified as the nuclear power plant cooling water red tide emergency elimination material.